As a pianist, I’ve performed with Karen, and I’ve also played for her cello students’ recitals. I have witnessed  Karen’s excellent musicianship and professionalism first-hand for over 10 years now. As a musician, she is intensely creative, has a great ear, and is an eager collaborator. She is wonderful at improvising and adding her own special touch to any material. And I hear her students once a year when I play for their student recital. I’m impressed with the musical growth of the students from year to year. Her students at every ability level tend to be very solid rhythmically and have a great tone quality. She is especially wonderful with adult students who are brave enough to try a brand new interest in mid-life. It’s been a joy knowing and creating music with Karen for all these years. I highly recommend her as a cellist, teacher, and arranger.  – Beth Nakao

Our daughter has been a student of Karen Linkletter for over 5 years and has loved every minute of it. What we most appreciate about Karen is her consistent positive teaching style. She reinforces what Spencer does well and also gives constructive feedback in such an easy going manner that Spencer is not aware that she has actually been corrected!Karen’s friendly approach to teaching inspires Spencer to take lessons year round. She clearly enjoys spending time with Karen and as parents, we couldn’t ask for a better role model for Spencer.  Karen is more than a cello teacher for our daughter and us. She is a blessing to all of us!! Millie de la Cruz & David Knowlton

As an adult student, there are a number of factors that influence my decision with choosing and staying with Dr. Karen Linkletter as my cello instructor. Having a teacher who understands my physical limitation plays a big role in terms of being able to do some of the more difficult pieces that involve extended positions, thumb position, and fast 1/16 note runs. Dr. Linkletter had helped me work past my hindrance. Secondly, having a teacher who understands my learning style and adapting to it speaks volume in helping me understanding phrasing and adding more musicality into what I’m playing. I love how she sometimes puts things into engineering terms so that I may better understand - She speaks my language. Thirdly, with the demand of my work schedule and occasion business travel, Dr. Linkletter had been more than accommodating to rearrange our lesson time when possible. She also understands that adult students may not always have the available time to practice because of family or other obligations and had adjusted my lesson plan accordingly. Lastly, in spite of the typical obstacles adult student faces such as the fear of playing in front of an audience at recitals and the painful feeling you get from seeing a younger musician who could play the Bach cello suites better than you, Dr. Linkletter continues to help me push through my barriers. Up until a few years ago, I had only dreamt of playing in an orchestra with professional musicians. Today, I am a member of the Orange Coast College Symphony playing alongside Dr. Linkletter and a few other “Ringers”. Best part of all, I finally get to make wonderful music with my two children in our string trio. I am forever grateful for what she had taught me. Frank Leong

Learning to play the cello had lingered on my bucket list for years. I feared that as 40 year-old housewife and mother of two that my brain was incapable of learning to read music and play a stringed instrument as nuanced as the cello. I tried a few music schools that didn’t actually have instructors that played the cello and met with limited success, until I found Karen Linkletter.As a professional cellist with a degree in music, she taught me the basic skills needed to read music and get started without making me feel incompetent. Her warmth, patience and sense of humor has fueled my learning for the last five years. As I have progressed in my playing, her perspective as a working session cellist has become invaluable. She knows the tricks of the trade you won’t find in lesson books. Every step of the way she’s there for you, whether it’s helping select an instrument, finding the music you want to play and transcribing it or setting up awesome recitals that allow you to perform in front of a live audience, she’s there to help you be the cellist you always dreamed of being. Kerry Brennan-Schmitt

Thank you so much for playing at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party. Your playing added ambiance and class. It was a nostalgic evening.  Thank you for a beautiful celebration!. Sharon Nise

The third set, well what can we say about Roger, Karen and friends. It was just such an honor to sit there and listen to such incredibly talented musicians who love what they do! – Wrightwood Music Festival Attendee

And Rodger and Karen and friends, holy cow!!!! I could listen to their music forever, and some of their performances had me in tears also. Just because of the beauty – Wrightwood Music Festival Attendee

“Karen Linkletter and Stephen Green bring lush warmth to their ample cello parts” – Review of The Last Five Years, Laguna Playhouse, Variety, January 2004

Karen is a compassionate cello teacher. I had not played the cello for many years when I came to herfor beginning lessons.  She helped me to rebuild my skills with patience and humor. I enjoyed every minute when I could listen to her play the pieces and follow her subtle techniques to improve  my tone. I loved the challenges of mastering technique and learning to play more difficult pieces than I thought I could play. Karen is a superb teacher. Anyone would be fortunate to study the cello with her. Sherill Atkins

Dr. Linkletter’s one on one approach with our son, who studied Cello with her, really helped with his success in mastering music theory and the instrument. Our son enjoyed his lessons where Dr. Linkletter would play along with him showing him as he played and thus learned quicker. As a parent, watching our son at his lesson was often the most relaxing part of our day. The recitals were always a wonderful experience, as Dr. Linkletter often wrote the arrangements herself and the students amazed us all. She’s the best and the Walkers can highly recommend her. The Walker family

You are everything a music teacher should be. From day one, you worked with Andrew in an age appropriate way to bring nice music out of him almost immediately. You have a wonderful way of connecting with kids of all ages so that they feel comfortable from the start. Other things that come to mind are that you are hugely patient and have a wonderful sense of humor. You seem to enjoy all your students for being who they are. Thank you for being a wonderful role model and friend for Andrew. Sarah Murcia

“Karen and I began working together in 2007. Sincethat time, we’ve worked together on 8 of our albums and several DVDs. As a composer and arranger, I’ve thoroughly enjoy working with her. Karen is a fantastic cello player. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable and has had numerous experiences in recording and performing. Karen is one of the most inspirational individuals I know. Regardless of what difficulties she is going through in her own life, she is always disciplined and always has passion for life and people. In addition to being the consummate professional, she is extremely easy to work with, genuine,loving and fun. I really enjoy working with her and am honored to call hermy good friend.  She is absolutely amazing and precious!” Grace Tseng - Stream of Praise Music Ministries